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Features at The Sun Residences

1.    Elevators

There are five elevators in every tower at the Sun Residences. The presence of the elevators makes it easy for the residents to reach their condo unit with ease. Also, the elevators make it easy to carry the heavy things to the condo units of the upper floors instead of hiring some individuals to help you. The elevators play a great role in helping the disabled to easily access their condo units. The complex is commotion-free due to the presence of the many elevators. All the elevators work properly since they are properly monitored by the project management team. Why should you continue living in a place full of stairs with no elevators? Buy a condo unit at the Sun Residences to make your life easy and simple.

2.    Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

The Sun Residences is installed with automatic fire detection and alarm systems which are located in the common areas in the building. The automatic fire detection systems are of great value to the homeowners since they can easily settle any fire outbreak at its early stages. Hence, the homeowners worry less about any fire outbreaks since the automatic fire detectors will eliminate the fire as soon as possible. The presence of the automatic fire detectors gives the homeowners assurance that their valuable appliances are safe from any fire outbreaks. The installed alarm systems are also advantageous since they alert the authorities as well as the home owners in the case of unauthorized home breakings. Book and buy one of the condo units at the Sun Residences and keep your home and appliances safe!

3.    24-hour Power Supply

Most of us would prefer to stay in a place with a 24-hour power supply. The Sun Residences offers its residence a chance to enjoy the 24-hour supply due to the presence of a standby generator which is set in the select unit outlets as well as the common area. Hence, in the case of power loss, the standby generator turns on immediately and the condo units will not even notice any power loss that might occur. For those with most of the appliances that depend on the electricity power, worry less about any problems of electricity loss. Also, the power supplied to every condo unit at the Sun Residences can support all kind of appliances that a home owner would love to have in his or her home. You experiencing power problems in your current residential area? Buy a condo unit at the Sun Residences and forget all the power problems you experience.

4.    Underground Cistern and Overhead Water Tank

At the Sun Residences, you will have to say goodbye to the problems related to water supply. The residence is installed with an overhead water tank as well as the underground cistern. All the condo units at the Sun Residence get enough water supply and the residents can do all their laundry as well as clean their cars with less worries about any water shortage.  Water is life! And each one of us would like to live in a place with plenty of water. The Sun Residences offers you the chance to enjoy plenty water supply. Why wait? Book and buy one of the condo units at the Sun Residences and start enjoying all what it has to offer.

5.    Mailroom

Living at the Sun Residences comes with an added advantage of receiving all your sent documents just few steps away from your home due to the presence of a mailroom. The residents are advisable to change their mail address to that of the Sun Residences so that they can be able to receive their important documents just few steps from their door step. Do you want to receive all your mails in the comfort of your home? Buy one of the condo unit at the Sun Residences to enjoy this kind of service.

6.    Garbage Disposal in Each Floor

The Sun Residences is designed in such a way that there is a secluded place on every floor where the homeowners can dispose their garbage. The waste disposal area was placed on each floor so that the residents can find it easy to dispose their garbage. The management team has employed some garbage collectors who regularly empty the disposal area to keep the towers neat, clean and hygienic.

7.    Sun Mall

The Sun Mall is on the ground floor of Sun Residences. The presence of the mall makes it easy for the residents to access anything they may need just few steps away from their door steps. The Sun Mall operates on a 24-hour schedule; hence the residents can access what they want at any time of the day. The mall consists of almost everything a homeowner might want to buy such as fast food, clothing, some furniture, accessories and much more. The mall was specifically opened within the complex to ease the lifestyle of the residents at the Sun Residences. Do you want to make your lifestyle easy? Buy a condo unit at the Sun Residences and get to enjoy all the great services available.

8.    24-Hour Security and CCTV System

Living at the Sun Residences gives you a feeling of being safe and secure. The residence is surrounded by a 24-hour security system which is properly maintained and monitored by the project management team. The homeowners find it safe to get into their homes at any time of the day even the late hours of the day. At the entrance of the Sun Residences, there is a security guard who inspects and keeps a record of all those entering the Sun Residences. Apart from the 24-hour security system, the surrounding environment itself makes you feel secure since it is very welcoming and beautiful. The CCTV cameras are installed at strategic locations such as the parking area, in the corners of every floor and around the common areas.

The Special Amenities at The Sun Residences

The entrance of the Sun Residences is very welcoming due to the presence of a beautifully designed grand lobby. The homeowners find the confidence of welcoming their visitors to their homes since the place is welcoming and it has a beautiful surrounding.

The Sun Residences is beautifully designed with an Olympic size swimming pool. The residents get the opportunity of spending their free time at the pool while bonding with friends and loved ones. Also, the swimming pool helps the residents in keeping fit since swimming act is the best body therapy a human would engage. All our body muscles are involved during the swimming act. The pool water is regularly treated and changed by the project management team. Hence, the residents enjoy carrying out their swimming activities in a clean and hygienic pool. Near the swimming pool, there is a pool deck where the individuals can relax after swimming or just get to enjoy what nature has to offer in the surrounding.

The residence has a function room which gives the home owners an opportunity to hold various functions such as birthday parties, anniversaries, meetings and much more. The function room is wide enough to accommodate more than two hundred people. Hence, the residents can invite as many friends they would want to attend their different functions. The project management team also play a great role in designing the function room according to the residents’ specifications required to hold a particular event. The function room is designed in such a way that it can be easily adjusted to fit any specific function. The residents get to save some cash whenever they want to hold a function since they do not have to rent somewhere far to hold their functions. The function room is just a few steps away from their door step.

The Sun Residences consist of the children’s playing ground which is made of most of the playing equipment such as the merry go round, swings, slides, playing tubes and much more. The game area is wide enough for the kids to play different games such as football, tennis and much more. At the playing ground, the children are offered the chance of growing up healthy as well as physically fit. Also, from the playing ground, your kid gets to socialize with other children from the different family backgrounds. Through socializing, the kid’s self-esteem is boosted up as well as they develop emotional balance in their life.

Are you wondering where to do your morning or evening jogging? The project management team at the Sun Residences ensured there is a jogging path to cater for those who cannot complete a day without engaging in the jogging activity. The jogging path is specifically designed for the jogging activity. Jogging is also a great activity of burning the unwanted calories in our body. At the jogging path, the runners can enjoy and view the eye-catching surrounding as they continue with their jogging activities.

There is no great feeling of relaxing in a very peaceful and quiet environment as you enjoy the fresh air that nature has to offer. The Sun Residences has a beautiful garden and gazebo where the residents can spend their free time or just have a family bonding. The garden is surrounded by trees which enhance the fresh air in the surrounding. Also, at the garden one can just relax as he or she enjoys the beautiful view of the surrounding environment. 

  • Swimming Pools
  • Multi-purpose Hall
  • Function Rooms
  • Playground area
  • Jogging Path
  • Garden and Gazebos
  • Sun Mall (Ground Floor)
  • Banks
  • Savemore Market
  • Retail Shops
  • Restaurants and Cafes
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